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LadyAda page edit suggestion- KiCad
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LadyAda page edit suggestion- KiCad

by Sheepdog on Wed Nov 02, 2011 8:54 am

Dear LadyAda,



... you say "KiCad... must research".

I hope you will take a quick look at....


... and consider putting a link to that on your aforementioned page, in the meantime?

I have no "connection" with KiCad other than "happy user".

The KiCad tutorial is new, but I've been writing similar for years. The homepage to my guide to the OpenOffice database gets about 250 hits a day.


I've also done a comparative review of Eagle and KiCad, in case you want to work on that research you mention....


Eagle IS a good product... but the limitations on the free version can mean a lot of wasted time for people who start down the popular road, but then find they have to RE-start, with a different product, if they aren't in a position to pay for an Eagle license if they go beyond modest (and for their own use) designing.

I believe that KiCad deserves to be better known... hence the work on KiCadHowTo... which will be work wasted, if no one learns it is there....

Help? Please?

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.