TV-B-Gone mod for battery saving and region/range selection
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TV-B-Gone mod for battery saving and region/range selection

by jeonlab on Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:44 pm

I have thought about to turn off the device before the full cycle finished. I thought about to add a power switch but that wasn't very attractive to me.

A couple days ago, I suddenly got a good idea to utilize the Region Detection pin6. Once the program detects the region from the level of pin 6 (float (internal pull-up): US, pull-down: EU), it is not used until all the code pulsing is finished. So, in US mode for example, after it started pulsing and when you want to stop it, forcing the pin6 to ground will exit the do loop in software and the device will go sleep. I tested both US and EU mode with modified code and worked fine. This way, you can save battery.

I added these two lines (first three lines below) into the code.
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     // exit do loop if REGIONSWITCH is pressed
     if ((region == US && !(PINB & _BV(REGIONSWITCH)))
     || (region == EU && (PINB & _BV(REGIONSWITCH)))) break;
      // delay 250 milliseconds before transmitting next POWER code

Here is the schematic for the US version. I also added a slide switch to select IR LEDs between 2 wide but short ones and 1 narrow but long beam LED.


And EU version:


If you want to have both in hand like me, you can use following design with a DPDT slide switch to change region.



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