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Looking for a soldering iron, Hakko fx-888?
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Looking for a soldering iron, Hakko fx-888?

by dumle29 on Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:48 pm

Hello :) so, i have decided to buy myself a propper soldering station for once. The one i have right now, is a velleman vtss5, and yes, its cheap, but you get what you pay for, and in this case that is:

  • One type of tip
  • A coard to the handpiece as thick and stiff as the one for your desktop PSU
  • A station, where temperature controlled means light dimmer circuit

Yeah thats fine, it was dirt cheap, but now i have thrown myself into an all SMD project, and for that i need a chissel tip with a dimpel in it. So i started looking, and i found that is was very hard to find a station, under my budget, that would allow me to buy and use such a tip.

I found the Hakko fx-888 and was thrilled, but soon discovered, that it doesn't support hakkos BCM/CM tips :(

so i found this: ... mpatibles/

and wondered if they would fit in a hakko Fx-888 or if you knew of any similare tips?

bottomline - Do you know of any soldering stations that are under my 125£ ~ 150€ ~ 200$ budget, where i still have the option of getting some of those dragsoldering tips, or should i go for an ebay hakko fx-936?

Thanks a lot :)
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