MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT = PI3 DOA :-( (...Round 2...)
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MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT = PI3 DOA :-( (...Round 2...)

by zurkeyon on Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:17 pm


My replacement Pi3 showed up today, to replace the one that was purchased for me for my Birthday, that showed up unable to boot.

1. The PI Arrived in a bubble mailer, in a Crushed box (I have Pictures of it right after removing it from the package)

2. The Pi ALSO does not boot. In almost the exact same fashion. Right around the soundcard init, and the SD init... Every time.

So, I'm thinking I MUST have a bad set of SD cards.

Then i went out and bought 2 more. a Sandisk 16gb and a sandisk 32gb. Both Ultra Plus UHS-1

So now, I have x2 Pi3 Boards, that DO NOT BOOT, on 6 different Cards, x3 Sandisk, x2 Patriot, x1 memorex...

I have tried the following...
- Making the cards from linux
- Making the cards from Win32Disk Imager
- Making the cards from a MAC, just because I had one laying around.
- Making a Jessie, Jessie Lite, Ubuntu mate, and a RasPBX image. (All work in another Pi3 I bought for work about a month ago, its the reason I was buying another)
- Probing the GPIO voltage - Sitting Squarely at 5.48 volts
- Using x2 different Canakit 2.4Amp Power Supplies (Both Brand New)
- Re-flashing disks to USB drives and Modifying the boot file to Boot to USB to try and avoid the SD card.
- and about 1000 suggestions here on this board.

After it all, I am once again, sitting here with a DoA Pi3, that cannot boot ANY image I throw at it, at all, in any way.

It never makes it to a point where SSH works, and stops at basically the same place on BOTH Pi3s I have sitting in front of me.

Additionally, I want to again mention, that I have ANOTHER Pi3 sitting here, that ALL of these images and cards work in.

MAY I PLEASE, get an RMA for a new board, and maybe NOT have it shipped in a crush-able bubble mailer this time?

Pics of my SD Cards and Shipment and My Google+ Profile...

Thank you...

P.S. I paid for 2 day shipping Also.

Guys I'm really trying to be cool about this, but x2 doa's in a row is BAD.... You can see from my google plus page at the links above that this isn't my first time with technology... I'm a 25 year Master level It Tech/Engineer. Its not like you are shipping these to a moron. I just wanted a board for my birthday. Which was April 11th... And All I got were 2 for the recycle bin.


(I apologize, I am getting very frustrated after testing cards for the past week...)

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Re: MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT = PI3 DOA :-( (...Round 2...)

by franklin97355 on Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:42 pm

Please contact support@adafruit.com with a link to this thread and they will help you get a refund. You can then try another supplier that may be able to get you a Pi3 that works for you.

4/19/2016 update: You were given a full refund as well as a replacement Pi, 2nd day air, for free, all at our cost and we still not satisfied. We issued a refund for the original order as well, please seek another supplier.

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