Programming problem with USB/Serial
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Programming problem with USB/Serial

by gargar934 on Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:20 pm

FIRST: Are you using a Minipov3 from a kit or from DIY? Make sure you mention that in your post

Using the Minipov3 kit from this website.

SECOND: What OS and computer are you using?

I have tried two machines: first using windows 7, and now using windows vista. I am now sticking with Vista, since it seems to be the "most standard" for this project. The error below was identical on the two machines.

THIRD: Are you using a USB adapter or a serial port?

I am using the USB adapter suggested on the page that sold the Minipov kit on this website.

FOURTH: Did the minipov light up at all when you turned it on?

It successfully displays the default message of "Make!".

FIFTH: What -specifically- isn't working?

I am getting the standard error of "AVR device not responding. initialization failed, rc=-1". I have followed the software directions exactly, and have much soldering experience, so there are no soldering errors. The device is turned on when I try to program it. Its lights stop blinking when I plug in the usb cable, but the LED that is farthest from the connector blinks when I am using the "make program-minipov" command. I have changed the delay time to many different values, and this only changes how long I must wait for the error message and how quickly the LED blinks.

SIXTH: Post screenshots (NOT copy&paste) of what is happening

There is nothing to see other than my description.

SEVENTH: Post clear, in-focus, not-blurry, easy to see photos of the top and bottom of the kit. If the photos are blurry, unfocused, and difficult to see they will only make it harder to debug what is going on

I will do this if it comes to it, but I have been soldering for over 8 years, and highly doubt an error was made in the physical assembly.

PLEASE HELP! This is meant to be a gift to my girlfriend, and I need it working ASAP. THANK YOU!!!
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.