Slide issue & more issues
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Slide issue & more issues

by GdH on Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:44 pm

Hi guys.
Im kinda new to all this.
Some time ago I bought a white second hand xox (it just says bassline TB-X0X computer contr. I dont know what version that is exactly)
The only problem it 'had' was the slide. as another forum user says "If i have a sequence of all Cs for example and tie them some together with slides it'll be a sequence of Cs with downwards pitch bends."
A possible solution given was checking ic12 for shorts maybe created by flux.
Soooo...I open up the box, I look at the ic12 chip (CD40668CN), I take it out of its socket to have a better look.
I put it back in. After that there was no more sound coming out (mix out and phones)
I remove and put the chip back in but this time with the code of the chip upside down in comparison with most of the other parts on the pcb

The sound is back but now I have more problems (probably created by a short due to misplacing the ic12 chip? I have no idea)
-The sound from the left side of the Mix Out is no more.
-When the volume knob is above 75% the sound gets distorted while the Cut Off is set high and the Res is set low. Raising the Accents volume makes it even worse.
-Slide offcourse still doesnt work.

And why not: I broke off one of the leggs from the IC12 chip while removing it again to check for shorts on the socket)

So any help would be greately apreciated, realy!

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.