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VERY Broken x0xb0x... (checked FAQ but no solution!)
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VERY Broken x0xb0x... (checked FAQ but no solution!)

by bonglex0x on Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:15 am

Hi guys first time poster, long time lurker!

I have taken the plunge finally and bought a 2nd hand pre-built x0xb0x from Ebay. The seller says it is a x0xsh0p.de one. The casing is in mint condition, and their are no obvious signs of damage outside.

I have checked the FAQ - however there seems to be a myriad of issues and really it is too many issues to tackle in one go

The Issues currently stand at:
The synth is only audible on pattern edit mode - although no LEDs light up and the pattern is not editable

The audio in pattern edit mode is HORRIBLE! White noise very high and present, detuned and warbling. The white noise subsides a bit if the volume knob is pressed down a bit and pressure is applied. Weird - but the filter/res/env controls do not work when any audio is present.

All other modes are not audible

Some modes (such as midi play) will show LEDs flashing and appears to work visually, but with no sound.

Buttons generally don't seem to do much - no pattern play etc...

The synth appears to turn off in a few modes

Please see these brief videos for an idea of sound/issues:

Thanks :)


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Re: VERY Broken x0xb0x... (checked FAQ but no solution!)

by antto on Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:23 am

the mode selector knob might be oriented the wrong way
it's hard to tell, but it seems as if in one of your clips it's pointing down to one of the TRACK modes, while in reality the x0xb0x is in Random mode

this won't explain the sound problems of course, but i couldn't really hear them

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.