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x0x025 up and running!

Excellent kit, only problems due to tired assembler (me) soldering USB-chip 90 degrees wrong (DOH!) and mixing up a few transistors.

Buildtime: about 7-8 hours.


/daniel, Sweden

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Oh, I forgot to post here as well.
x0x022 is also done and working!

As you can see from some of my posts in other threads I had a problem with two transistors turned the wrong way and I had to bootload a new version of the firmware, but apart from that everything went smooth.

/Thomas, Sweden


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xoxox 64 done... sounds great. Really nice thick sound that complements my tb-303. Best clone I've ever heard and I've played with a lot of them.

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x0xb0x070 has been completed for a couple weeks now.. big thanks to everyone involved with this project - it sound so amazing! now i wanna get some x0xb0x vanity plates..

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#24 works! Thanks!

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#079 lives!


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x0x #016 is now up and running!


:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


x0x 096 is an acid monster

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up and running! Still trying to get the USB/bootloading situation to work, but it sounds great. I love the sequencer, too! I can hardly wait to get it cv-linked to other synths, for massive x0xing fun.


The LED trails are superimposed from pics of the x0xb0x in the dark, with wiggly camera fun.

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That was me

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That was my x0x #096... I keep losing my cookies (hah) on this browser and posting anonymously by mistake.

Here is a little demo of the new x0x on the bl0ck... very basic, but fun

-=somasen=- x0x 102 (purple fungus mix)

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#082 finished on 26th August but never got round to posting it here...


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#74 finished last month but just got to posting now, all working lovely except some anomalies w/ track mode. mp3s soon...

dj daniel

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# 19. also completed and is constantly been tweaked :)
some drunken kraftwerkish jamming:

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#172 completed and working
x0x r0x :D :D :D :D :D :D
Mp3 & pics comin' soon (don't have any sound input on my iBook but i'll record it else where)
it sound great thank you so much Limor ...

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#107 done!

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#107 done!

i popped in the new ba6110 and it works! i had been using it straight from the vcf output for kicks, but it sounds much more wicked with the vca, beyond what i expected.

i sorted through 100 733s from mouser, plus the ones from the kit, but the highest reading i got was 305 (maybe it's the meter?). the resonance definitely sounds as pronounced as the 303s i've used. the square may have slightly more harmonics, i'm not sure. it sounds wonderful though.

i did the envelope range mod and the power supply mod. i didn't really notice any significant "warble" until i got near 1k of resistance; this actually sounded like a ~ 10hz filter modulation. i don't know if i could really tell the difference at 220 ohms, but i put it in for good measure. i may extend the envelope range (max and min) and depth, and maybe a decay pot for the vca?

a couple of quirks: 2 of the buttons ended up a bit lower than the others, but they all still work fine. i'll have to take the panel back off and investigate. also, my step leds work great while it's running, but inconsistently turn off when i'm editing in step mode. should the current step led stay lit until the pattern is advanced? sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

now, to learn me some C! what i'd like to add: shuffle, pattern shift, momentary R A S action, midi sync in write mode, what else?

oh, something i hadn't anticipated in play mode is if you press slide, then rest, it holds the current note until the vca dies or rest and slide are pressed again, cool!


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#124 finished on 17th november. Everything is Ok :D

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