Getting a more 303 sounding box..
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Re: Getting a more 303 sounding box..

by 3phase on Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:43 pm

and here with power from the 303 supply
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Re: Getting a more 303 sounding box..

by aminoacid on Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:38 am

thoose 303s that came with two different npn transistors, can anybody tell exactly how the two types where setup? for ex, one type in vcf and the others elsewhere. or one type in the filter ladder and the rest elsewhere...
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Re: Getting a more 303 sounding box..

by bonglex0x on Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:12 am

3phase wrote:And one more hint..but this is just a hunch .. I just modded my xox with a key cv to filter mod.. a thing i found very usefull in the past for shaping 303 lines.. and.. when you dial in just a small amount..where it still keeps that 303 sound without going much up on the higher notes.. it really sounds a little more fluent.. one of the aspects where the xox appears to sound different than the 303.
For me i experience a real 303 as sounding more fluent on the sequences. rounder.. smooshiger.. opalizinger ..its hard to describe really..
And by now i really think that this is the result of the sum of a lot of little details. Dont know if potential key cv to filter bleed thru is one of these details, but its at least not in the esoteric realm.

But maybe it just pleases the ear and covers up for another factor, by sounding nicer in general.--

In any case a good mod.. with a stereo pod that lowers the cv while increasing the impact of the key cv.. makes it a playable pot..

Hi 3Phase

I have tried to look for this Key CV to Filter Mod everywhere but no luck... Can you please give me instructions on how you did it?

Do you (or anyone else reading) possess any tips on getting the 303 sound with x0x? I have just bought an Alu from x0xsh0p... really after that 'elastic' 303 sound as I am sure everyone else is..


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