Pactec pt10 replacement
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Pactec pt10 replacement

by human fly on Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:17 am

i don't know if this should be in 'building x0x' or here.
i'm posting it here anyway.
this is just blabla waffle right now:
ok i've got a PT10 case for my x0x, and although it is very practical,
i'd like to rehouse everything in an alu case, with a lower profile.
ideally so that i can slide it into a 2U high space, say.

*nearly there* with the pactec (which has a .303 dimension believe it
or not) but it does risk ripping the knobs off etc.

i've seen the x0xsh0p case, and it won't fit the standard faceplate
they supplied me with, it's a different kit, and i don't want it to be
that big anyway. i'm looking to reduce the size of the machine a
bit; the x0xio cases are just about perfect in that Schaeffer(?) kit,
but i understand some components have to be moved to make space.
not sure it would work with the standard faceplate though, as the
pcb is bigger than the faceplate..

so i've downloaded the PT10 drawing to have a look at dimensions,
it's a bit hard to identify the ones i need to look at, and it's all in
imperial, - i was hoping to come up with something i could just drop
the old faceplate into, with a cutaway at the back for the rear panel,
and end up with a utilitarian plain box like the project boxes you get
from Maplins etc.
but no, not so simple. even the x0xshop kit requires a new back plate,
i think.

any thoughts?
human fly
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Re: Pactec pt10 replacement

by antto on Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:30 am

don't be afraid to require a new rear panel, that's an acceptable sacrifice

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Re: Pactec pt10 replacement

by human fly on Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:47 am

yeah, good point.
man that drawing is so complete, it's hard to see the important
dimensions, have a look.
new holes could just be cut/holepunched in a case.

>leroy-merlin, big diy store chain, are offering lazer cutting at
quite reasonable prices now, by the look of things. it cost 15eu
for 30mins machine time, which can do quite a lot.

i've actually got an aluminium box i've had for years here, it's
the kind of thing i'm thinking of, but wider - could have extra
space for mods controls - and only a plastic top plate. the main
problem with the stock faceplates is that the pcb is bigger, so
any foldover at the top would have to be quite wide, to take
the faceplate screws/bolts. if you see what i mean..

hehe i was thinking maybe some design in 2 parts that allowed
uptilting of the unit from its base, like the new roland tb03 :-)
but i haven't sussed anything out for that yet. the pactec is
actually very practical, and the plastic probably protects it
more from vibration and shocks. i just like the idea of some
oldskool diy looking thing. have to figure this out... suggestions
(btw found a really good audio demo comparison page by a
guy called sunshine jones - except the x0x demo is not good,
or, i think, representative.)
(offtopic again?)
http://sunshine-jones.com/roland-tb-03- ... e-testing/
human fly
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.