x0xi0 IO & Overdrive - Install & Troubleshooting
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Re: x0xi0 IO & Overdrive - Install & Troubleshooting

by moogah on Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:15 pm

I'm working on an x0xi0 output board for a friend and I'm a little stumped. I've finished the directions on the alphazone site, but I can't download the .pdf manual which I'm starting to wonder if it contains more than what is on the web itself. In particular, I can't find information about what R62 is supposed to be replaced with (so at the moment the VCO doesn't connect to the VCF) and I also can't find information on what r344 is supposed to be.

I may have received some parts that belonged to the full kit as so far I've not needed most of the parts in the bag labeled "x0xb0x Mainboard Parts" and I've also got leftover 47n, 470n and 1uF box caps along with a few resistors... I had to triple check this because I know bc has a solid reputation with his kits so it doesn't seem likely that so many parts were out of order.. yet I'm pretty good at this myself so I'm fairly confident that I've not simply stuffed incorrect parts in the board.

Apologies if I've just missed something obvious :)

EDIT: I see Raph sorted some of this out already.. feel free to ignore the redundant questions, I'll make another edit in a bit once I've worked through what's here
Follup-Edit: Altitude has the correct info reguarding R62. I've not tested *all* the I/O options yet (need an 1/8" adaptor) but so far so good :mrgreen:
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Re: x0xi0 IO & Overdrive - Install & Troubleshooting

by kroutshev on Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:31 am

i've just finished IO mods into my x0x and distorsion sound is very low, overdrive is ok but not distorsion.
I have followed these instructions => http://alphazone1.com/x0xi0/install/io_section1.html

Any idea ?
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Re: x0xi0 IO & Overdrive - Install & Troubleshooting

by spotta on Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:53 am


Just starting my x0xi0 Kit, using install manual v2 and it states that R310 is 1M and then on another page 470k.
Can anyone help me with the correct resistance?

edit: Brian got back to me and provided lots of help - thanks Brian!

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