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Ondes Martenot controller
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Ondes Martenot controller

by zool on Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:01 am

hey there ladyada,
i just wanted to show you my ondes martenot controller i made a while back with midisense

if you're wondering, i used a 10turn pot on the big pullie

some trouble im having though: callibration (sometimes it's off when i have it unplugged for a while and try to use it again, which has kept me from making divits in the wood for finger placement)
also, the key is set up for volume, and the ribbon/string for pitchbend, but, if i try to turn the note on while the ribbon is higher than the midpoint, it won't send the note on info [you cant send a note when the pitchwheel is being pitched up?]
also, sometimes the volume goes kinda wacky, i know this isn't a really high performance piece of equipment but i should at least be able to make a smothe transition with a linear potentiometer right? - it could have to do with the forces bearing on the slider like if it's made with some resistive material and tweeked sideways insted of just along the slider then that may send a different signal value correct?
other than that it seems to work pretty good, i like how it came out
i may add an input jack for an expression pedal into one of the analog slots and/or maybe a softpot or joystick
it's also intended to have L brackets on the back to connect to the front of a keyboard
i've also been working on a softsynth specifically for this - but most of my work has come to a standstill cause i don't have a job

thanks for reading this 8)
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.