Newest MintyBoost and DROID
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Re: Newest MintyBoost and DROID

by 3club on Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:00 pm

Hi all,

I basically have same needs as bp19406. I'll be taking my Droid X backpacking for two weeks and want some way to charge it.

Last year, I bought this charger http://www.amazon.com/Portable-Battery- ... 758&sr=8-6. At first I thought it worked okay, but last year I didn't have the Droid X.

I use rechargeable batteries, Energizer and Eneloops. I can only get about a third of a charge from a pair. I'm considering buying a MintyBoost, but am wondering if it would be any better?

At home I have a (supposedly) nice MAHA 8 cell charger. For camping I have a PowerFilm solar charger. I don't know how to tell if either of them are really charging the batteries all the way.

By my calculations, a pair of Energizers should provide 2 x 2500 mAh x 1.2 V = 6000 mWh. My Droid X battery is 1500 mAh x 3.7 V = 5550 mWh. So it should be a close match, but wince I'm only getting about need three pairs of AAs to charge my Droid, I'm estimating only 30% efficiency. The cheap Amazon charger gets quite warm to hold, but now I'm understanding that the MintyBoost will too. I built a cable where I could measure the current to the phone, and with fresh cells it starts out at almost a full amp! (Even though the charger says "max 5V 500mA).

So everybody's advice and experience, please. Would a MintyBoost work significantly better than what I have now?
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Re: Newest MintyBoost and DROID

by dragonriot on Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:56 pm

So far, my experience has been similar to you guys. I have a Droid Incredible with an extended (HTC Brand) 1750mAh battery. With 2 AAs I'm getting about a 30% charge from a single Boost. I'm about to start building another one with my kid, so we're going to do some experimentation with it, like a USB charging port so we don't have to pull batteries constantly, along with adding an extra pair of batteries to the mix. I'm surprised you guys with Droid X's think your phones are battery hogs. Unless I run my phone in Conservative Mode, it lasts about a day and 7 hours on a charge, and that's with the extended battery. Also, it might interest you guys to know, keeping WiFi ON uses less power than 3g or 4g service, so when you're in range of WiFi, you should definitely use it. You should see an increase in battery life by doing so.
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.