PCB Fabrication
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PCB Fabrication

by digitaladdictions on Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:15 pm

Just thought I post this incase it helps anyone else. I was a bit baffled what the RC1a.dim layer was and it was not auto identified by Advanced Circuits. Part of the problem is I am on OSX and do not know of a good gerber viewer and I am a novice with eagle at best. The image rendering was not working with 4pcb so that I could see what it looked like. In the past I I have used batchpcb.com and I know they were able to render images pretty well so even though I knew the design did not meet their 8mill rules I upload it to them to get the image. To the best of my knowledge RC1a.dim is a layer to define the dimensions of the board. Which of course makes perfect scene after the fact but before I saw the layer it did not click. With 4pcb.com and barebonespcb.com you give it the dimensions when you upload the design so I dont think this layer is needed. (I sure hope not since I just sent mine off to be made without it). Also for some reason it does not identify the Drill layer but that is a standard gerber convention and easy to figure out with google.

In any case if it helps anyone else when you get your board made:

RC1a.dim - Dimensions
RC1a.drd - Drill
RC1a.gbl - Bottom Copper
RC1a.gbo - Bottom Silk
RC1a.gbs - Bottom Soldermask
RC1a.gtl - Top Copper
RC1a.gto - Top Silk
RC1a.gts - Top Soldermask
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.