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i have some pcbs to get ride of
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i have some pcbs to get ride of

by sajrohan on Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:58 pm

So, I've looked and noticed that there is actually new versions of the wave bubble... so these may not be of interest, but i have 4 next to me and another 5 in a box i'd have to dig out. I'm located in the middle tennessee, U.S.A. area if anyone is local and wants one. I don't mind shipping them if somebody wants them, i can do paypal.

I'll go ahead and upload a picture of one, i have no idea what version these are, and i cannot remember when i ordered them... i can say that i'm fairly certain they're at the very least a decade old. They've been stored inside the entire time, i've never actually built one but i'm in the process of clearing extra things out i don't need. they were printed straight from ladyada's files, to her specifications. pre-tinned. Any additional information, feel free to contact me. Looks like plenty of people have been burning people on selling things on here, so i'm more than happy to list it on my ebay account (even though i never sell anything on it). In case you don't use ebay, it's a lot riskier for a seller than a buy on ebay these days.

forgot to include email.... sajrohan at gmail dot com

i can send high res if needed (1mb limit on forum apparently)
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.