TV-Be-Gone-Boy Color (w/ pictures....)
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TV-Be-Gone-Boy Color (w/ pictures....)

by drewgolden on Tue Feb 05, 2008 11:40 pm

THANK YOU for making the wonderful kit!

Now someone PLEASE stop me from making any more of these things!!!!

After waiting 3 weeks, the tri-wing screwdriver finally arrived.

What is a tri-wing screwdriver you ask?

Why, it's what you need to open a Game Boy Color.

Goals of the enclosure:

* Look like something 'normal' - blend into crowds.

* Not obstruct the IR LEDs

* Wanted to use the standard buttons on the game boy



Oh YEAH! The little green blinky led is on the front of the gameboy!!!!

Problems: Had to split the game boy circut board to make room for the TV Be Gone PCB. Could not leverage the on-circut board game boy buttons.

What did work: Used the game boy battery pack!!


Cut a clear game case so the PCB could fit, and ran the LEDs long enough to reach the end of the game cartridge.



Ran a battery bypass to allow the battery to be cut off. (I want to get a smaller switch.)



Mods to the standard directions:

* Did not install the tiny switch on the PCB - ran wires to an external switch.

* Ran wires to the Game Boy power adaptor - did not use the kit one.

* Ran the green blinkey led with longer wires so it could be taped to the inside of the Gameboy where it's original LED was.

Time to go to the mall with my gameboy in tow....

(Hugh? Funny, whenever I play the game boy, TVs seem to shut off!)


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by magician13134 on Wed Feb 06, 2008 7:32 am

I like that! :) I really like how everything looks so natural, like the LEDs in the cartridge, and the indicator under the original LED hole. Great job!
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