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FeatherS2 - ESP32-S2 Unable to Connect
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FeatherS2 - ESP32-S2 Unable to Connect

by Masoric on Fri Dec 03, 2021 12:14 pm

I recently purchased a FeatherS2 - ESP32-S2 and it seems to be defective. However, I am hoping it just something that I am doing wrong.

At the most basic level it appears windows does not recognize it being plugged in.

When I plug in my other esp's 32s or 8266 I get a silicon Labs USB to UART Bridge COM Port (please see the attached picture).

However, when I plug in the FeatherS2 there is nothing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

COM Ports.jpg
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Re: FeatherS2 - ESP32-S2 Unable to Connect

by mikeysklar on Sun Dec 05, 2021 3:58 pm

The FeatherS2 is support here. You probably need to get into boot loader mode and upload CircuitPython, MicroPython or Arduino code.


How can I get my FeatherS2 into UF2 bootloader mode?
To get your FeatherS2 into UF2 bootloader mode (assuming you have not stomped your CircuitPython install with Arduino/IDF or MicroPython) you can click [RESET], then about a second later click [BOOT] to get it into the UF2 bootloader mode. You will then see the RGB LED on your FeatherS2 turn Red while the device is unmounted, and then once mounted, it will turn green. It also may just go straight to green.

Newer UF2 boot loaders will flash the RGB LED purple when you need to press the boot button to go into bootloader mode.

A drive will appear in your filesystem called UFTHRS2BOOT. From here you can re-flash the latest CircuitPython firmware by copying over the firmware.uf2 file for the version you want to install.

You will see the RGB flash a redish orange colour many times during the copy, and then the FeatherS2 will automatically reboot itself and mount the new CircuitPython version.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.