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AVR Xmegas and AVRDUDE + TinyISP
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AVR Xmegas and AVRDUDE + TinyISP

by ril3y on Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:09 pm

I kind of have 2 questions in this one thread so bear with me :)

So from some googling today I read that xmegas are not supported as of yet on avrdude? Is this correct? Can anyone who has used the xmegas before give me some pointers? One question I am stuck on is the Xmega (I am using the atxmega256-a3) uses 3.3V for VCC. The tinyISP provides 5v. First question is this even possible to use with the ISP?

Second is.. I have an AVRISP MKII with the latest firmware. I know that this supports the xmegas (why I asked the first question is I would like to keep my project open to the Open Source community) however a question about supply line voltage again for programming.

If you look at this post: ... vrisp-mk2/

He says:

1 - xmega PDI data pin
2 - xmega VCC power rail
3 - no connect
4 - no connect
5 - xmega PDI clock (often the xmega reset pin)
6 - xmega GND power rail

So if this the case does the xmega Vcc power rail need 3v from an external power supply? Cause it looks like this guy is saying that the AVRISP-MKII is providing the this off of pin 2?

I know that when programming (via spi) ATmega328's or the like you need to hookup your programmer and then power the device externally (when using an avrisp-mkII that is not with an tinyISP). So you can understand some of my confusion.

Perhaps a better way to ask this is does someone have an complete pinout to setup an xmega to be programmed using any needed external parts also?

Thanks, Sorry for being a bit all over.


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Re: AVR Xmegas and AVRDUDE + TinyISP

by jgotthardt on Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:58 pm

First a disclaimer: I have not programmed any xmega chips. I have started reading the datasheets in preparation for experimenting with a xmega128a1. I will attempt to answer some of your questions based on what I've learned to date.

1. The latest version of Avrdude DOES support xmegas.

2. Ladyada's USBtinyISP provides 5V to the target device only when the Vcc jumper is in place. If your target operates at a different voltage, or if it is powered by its own supply, simply remove the Vcc jumper.

3. The AVRISP MKII does not supply Vcc to the target, but it does sense the target Vcc in order to program it properly. Thus the need for a Vcc connection to the programmer.

4. The datasheet is the best source for information on how to program your device.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.