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AVR Studion vs. AVRDude ????
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AVR Studion vs. AVRDude ????

by Sarek98 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:27 pm

Hello AVR fans.
I am new to the forum.
I have decided to start tinkering with AVR Tiny MCU'es...
I got sent off down this tanget building a TV B Gone for a practical jokin friend of mine and am interested in seeing what else I can get into.
I'm gonna play around with the Tiny85 and then probably the Tiny2313.
I've looked at the EMSL site for building a target board.
hey recommend getting USB ISP Programmer from Adafruit, and to use AVRDude.

What about AVR Studio that looks free like it might be free from Atmel ??

Will it work with the USB ISP programmer from adafruit ??

Is AVR studio too much sugar for a dime for these lower end MCU'es ??

What's the best low end start up combo for the least money ??

Educate me please.

Just wanting to see what you guys think..


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Re: AVR Studion vs. AVRDude ????

by Entropy on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:40 pm

AVR Studio is a nearly complete integrated development environment (IDE) for AVRs. (It doesn't come with an actual compiler, but does integrate with avr-gcc, which is typically available for Windows as part of the WinAVR distribution.). It has a built in source code editor, Makefile generator, automatically calls the appropriate compiler, built in register references for all AVRs, integrated debugging capabilities if you have Atmel debugger hardware (like the ATJTAGICE MkII), and a GUI frontend to programmer utilities.

AVR Studio was not specifically designed to work with the USBTinyISP, however it is possible to get them to integrate. There's a tutorial on that somewhere in the USBTinyISP documentation.

avrdude is ONLY a programmer tool, not a complete AVR development toolchain or environment.

So no matter what, on a Windows machine you need WinAVR, a text editor (I strongly recommend something OTHER than Notepad!), and programming hardware supported by your development environment of choice. (I believe WinAVR has both avr-gcc and avrdude bundled, and avrdude basically supports any programmer out there.)

AVR Studio + WinAVR provides all of the software you need, AVR Studio may be "Easier" than using an arbitrary text editor (emacs, Notepad++, whatever), but AVR Studio is not compatible with as many programming hardware devices as a standalone avrdude installation is.

If you want to do development using a Linux machine, avr-gcc + avrdude + text editor is basically your only option. (My workflow consists of emacs, avr-gcc, and avrdude, sometimes with avarice and avr-gdb in there - the latter two tools require rather expensive debugger hardware to use though. The Atmel JTAGICE MkII is usually $300 and can be found for $150, not recommended until you know you're going to be doing heavy AVR development.)
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Re: AVR Studion vs. AVRDude ????

by pstemari on Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:59 pm

Eclipse ought to run fine on Linux. Haven't set it up for AVR stuff yet, but I can't imagine that being a big problem.

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