Interfacing Arduino Due with a Circuit Playground Bluefruit
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Interfacing Arduino Due with a Circuit Playground Bluefruit

by apere858 on Fri Apr 30, 2021 6:00 pm


I'm currently working on a project with my University using an Arduino Due that requires a development board with sensors, leds, and a communication method. The Circuit Playground Bluefruit perfectly fit the description! I would like to interface the Due with the Bluefruit and access it's sensors, leds, and potentially even the bluetooth module. For power, I found this JST to Female Connector jumper wire (https://www.amazon.com/SparkFun-Electro ... B082DLXNVZ) that I could connect a 3.3V/5V and GND from the Due and power the Bluefruit with the JST end. For the sensors, I'm fairly certain I could access the sensors using I2C if necessary, however I saw that some of the sensors output to the pins on edge the Bluefruit which is amazing!

My question is, if its even possible, how would I go about accessing the leds (NeoPixels) and bluetooth module? I would be loading the application on the Arduino Due, so I'm not sure if the Circuit Playground library would work properly since I'm not loading the application on the Bluefruit. Are there any other possibilities I could pursue? Please let me know at your earliest convenience!

EDIT: To clarify, I only need to be able to turn specific leds on or off. However, if I'm able to change the colors thats a plus! A possible solution that I was thinking of is preprogramming the Bluefruit to control the leds from one of its GPIO pins, then afterwards disconnect the USB from the Bluefruit, power it based on the method I specified above, connect a GPIO pin from the Due to the GPIO pin of the Bluefruit which would theoretically control the leds, then outputting a value to that pin to control how many leds would turn on (0 would be all leds off, 10 would be all leds on. Something like that). Would that be possible?

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Re: Interfacing Arduino Due with a Circuit Playground Bluefr

by adafruit_support_mike on Sat May 01, 2021 3:02 am

The most effective way to handle communication between the Due and the Circuit Playground the through a Serial interface. Connect TX to RX both ways, then work out a protocol for sending messages from one board to the other.

That will be less of a hassle than trying to make the Circuit Playground act like an I2C periheral device.

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