ARNDALE-5250-A with ARM15
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ARNDALE-5250-A with ARM15

by markmmullin on Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:37 pm

I believe this is an interesting development - Samsung is out to continue the progression that has roots in Arduino, powered up further with BeagleBone, and now theres this $250 card from a Korean outfit running Samsungs new ARM 15 with that nice OpenCL compatible 72 GFlop core - see http://www.howchip.com/shop/item.php?it_id=AND5250A

1) Anybody have any direct experience with this ?

My back of the envelope calcs say that this actually has an interesting processing power yield - 8 cards is $2G running at a theoretical max of 576 GFlop -in the range of a standard mobo + pxr + gpu but possibly with a significantly smaller form factor, power usage,etc

So for those of us looking at mesh processing networks and all sorts of other neato massively parallel stuff (the raspi super-puter was cute, but not really practical), is this 'interesting' or did I just fall out of bed and hit my head this morning

2) And if it is cool, when is Adafruit going to make a stripped down one as a brain for this internet of things :D

As a tangential question, only cause if you read this far this stuff probably amuses you to, what about the fact that Plan 9 is up on Raspi ?

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.