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RC module???
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RC module???

by thefatmoop on Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:38 pm

Hi I'm helping a college group make a RC "battlebot" car.

they want an RC module that's reliable and can do pwm... 3-4 channels. Like i would normally use an arduino with virtual wire and just use a game controller... but i'm not getting credit or paid for this....

anyone know of a simple Rc module? The college is paying for it... doesn't need to be super cheap

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Re: RC module???

by westfw on Sat Oct 11, 2008 12:36 am

Well, a standard radio control has 4+ channels, and a standard "dc motor electronic speed controller" converts standard servo outputs to PWM, so that's probably the path of least effort and maximum compatability. I would think that the main problem would be that "4 PWM" sorta implies 4 knobs that hold their position, while most transmitters are going to have their primary analog signals on joysticks. Fixing that would be a relatively simple matter of replacing the joysticks with the pots of your choice... (note that actually building a transmitter would run you into FCC issues pretty rapidly, if you're trying to stay legal. Using a commercial transmitter keeps you on standard frequencies, and you'd have something somewhat hardened for the noisy motor-heavy area of the receiver.)

There are still VEX Robotics "aux transmitter/receiver sets" for sale cheap (eBay, All Electronics) as well. These output a multiplexed signal that needs additional decoding, but you could probably do that on the same microcontroller that does the PWM...

Alternately, there are active RC electronics forums, and there have been recent discussions on how to use those "modules" that are showing up all over as RC units. for example.

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Re: RC module???

by macegr on Sat Oct 11, 2008 3:20 am

I'd definitely just go with a R/C transmitter and receiver...kind of ideal, since they're built for this exact purpose. There are many motor controllers out there that will directly accept an RC servo pulse signal. Here's one source: I've used their SMC04 in a somewhat high-profile application for a company that builds spaceships. And here's another good source:
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