Android remote control/mouse on 32u4 Basic Proto
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Android remote control/mouse on 32u4 Basic Proto

by dagjenssen on Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:10 am


I am a total newbie to Arduino who learned some programming 25 years ago(which means I can alter some basics in the code but not much more) and who has a very specific task and reason to dive into it. I don't believe I will program a lot in the future, and hope to simply get some straight forward guidance to the project, which is making a USB/Bluetooth button mouse for an Android tablet to sit on the handlebar on a motorcycle.
An image is attached of the prototype button setup. All switches are momentary on/off (on when pressed, off when released), the top four (black and blue) are the mouse directional buttons, the green and yellow buttons are enter(left mouse button) and back(right mouse button) and the red is potentially for a short cut(eg open a specific map app, switch between open apps etc). In addition I will have volume up and volume down buttons in a different location on the handlebar(some apps like Locus Maps lets you remap the volume buttons to zoom in/out).

I have the Adafruit Feather 32u4 Basic Proto, which as far as I understand can function as a HID device through bluetooth OR through the micro USB and a OTG-connection to the tablet (a Samsung Tab Active 2). I would like the option to choose whether to communicate through Bluetooth or through OTG USB, if possible. I ride an offroad bike and the shaking can mess up connections, so redundancy is a great plus.

What I need is a starter code for a Button Mouse which hopefully exist more or less ready to use and guidance to where to connect the buttons, which btw are all connected to the same ground cable.

I have installed Arduino on my Mac and have uploaded a few test sketches to the 32u4 with success, so I am not totally at zero level.

Anyone who can help? Hope I am not in dispute with guidelines on the forum for asking this, being a total amateur who just want the solution instead of learning the language, and if I am let me know and delete the post.

Any help appreciated, and if I am unclear, please tell.
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.