Need Arduino LED project Help (in a pinch)
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Need Arduino LED project Help (in a pinch)

by SteveLynch on Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:42 am

I'm trying to accomplish something for a little kiosk I'm trying to build for an upcoming Expo I'll be exhibiting at. I just want to make an eye catching "come see what's goin over here" element.

I need a simple project made. The problem is, I'm a super noob, and while I've built a lot of projects, I've always basically "cut and pasted" to make simple changes to someone else's code.. I'm playing with my little arduino playground kit, but I can't seem to find an existing project that does what I need.

I need a controller to control led light strips. I can do this all manually, but I'd loke to have a simple "push to toggle" interface.

I wish the following:

It will control 3 strips of LED.

1 white led, 1 warm white led, and one WS2812 strip.

I wish to have dimmer pots for the white and warm white strips. they will be on one circuit.

then I'd like the second circuit to simply power the ws2812 strip. it will have it's own color controller, so basically, these will be 2 circuits: one with 2 dimmable outputs for the white LEDS so I can adjust the amount of white and warm white, and one for the ws2812 which will be constant voltage..

I'd like a push button so I can switch back and forth between white and RGB.

If it could have a 2 or 3 second crossfade, that would be great!

Just a momentary push button that will trigger the fade.

if it's possible to also have the option to trigger the crossfade with an audio "click" that would be excellent!

I'm going to be using an ipad, so It would play the "click" when I touch the screen, and change the light color.

If it would be better to use a certain frequency tone, that's also ok. it will not be heard by the user.

This is for a photography Kiosk. The RGB lights will be active until the user starts a session by touching the screen on the ipad. Upon touching the screen, the software will send the audio sound to the arduino to tell it to fade from RGB to white, and then it will repeat the sound at the conclusion of the session to turn them back to RGB.

I'd like to use the smallest arduino this could work with.

an uno would be great, but if it requires a MEGA, that's ok, as I own both, or could just order whatever from Adafruit.

I'm not opposed to paying someone for assistance.

Thanks so much! I hope this doesn't violate any rules. I read the header notes, and It doesn't seem to, but I apologize in advance if this isn't an appropriate area to ask for help.

Thanks So Much! I'm just over my head.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.