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TPL5110 and push button momentary switch
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TPL5110 and push button momentary switch

by Snahlse on Thu May 30, 2019 1:09 pm


I am doing a project where I am building a battery powered scale. In order to control the scale I am using an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V. As user inputs I have two push buttons. One of the buttons is used for taring the scales, the other is used for managing a timer which is shown on a display. Both of the buttons have one wire connected to GND and the other connected to a digital pin on the Arduino. I'm using a library that handles internal pullups, debouncing etc for the buttons and also allows for recognition of double clicks and long clicks.

In order to make the battery last as long as possible I want to use a TPL5110 to enable deep sleep whilst not weighing something. I'm not really interested in the timer reset. Instead I simply want to use it to turn the power from the battery on and off with one of the push buttons. In the guide posted on the website it says that it will power the drive pin if the delay pin is connected to GND. Would it work to have the wire running from one of the push buttons connected to both the delay pin and an Arduino pin? Can the timer be completely disabled?

Ideally I'd like to have the following setup on one of the push buttons:

Arduino on:

Click - Tare
Long Click - Power off the drive bin by toggling the TPL done pin low to high

Arduino off:

Click - Power on Arduino by connecting TPL delay pin to GND momentarily


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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.