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TSL2591 and Heltec esp32 lora oled V2
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TSL2591 and Heltec esp32 lora oled V2

by Ludo_ITA on Thu Feb 20, 2020 2:17 pm

I have connected my adafruit tsl2591 to the board Heltec esp32 OLED Lora wifi v2 to measure solar lux.
I use the sketch provided with the examples of your Tsl2591 adaruit library (Tsl2591.ino)
It works fine when I display the values measured through serial monitor of Arduino
For example, these are the values shown in the serial monitor:
[ 117402 ms ] IR: 628 Full: 1817 Visible: 1189 Lux: 529.075562

but when I try to display the same values through the Heltec.Oled display, the values are wrong both serial monitor and Heltec oled display:
[ 23385 ms ] IR: 65535 Full: 65535 Visible: 0 Lux: -1
I got the error only inserting this instruction in my Arduino sketch:
"Heltec.begin(true /*DisplayEnable Enable*/, true /*Heltec.Heltec.Heltec.LoRa Disable*/, true /*Serial Enable*/, true /*PABOOST Enable*/);"
it is the instruction that I use when I want to display anything on Heltec oled display.
The sketch is compiled correctly and there are no warning or strange/random characters on serial monitor or heltec display
It is like the sensor tsl2591 goes out of the scale. As far as I understood, there should be a kind of interference on SDA (connected to heltec esp32 GPIO21) and SCL (connected to heltec esp32 GPIO22) pin that puts the values out of scale. I applied pull up resistor of 1,2K Ohm to SDA and SCL but it doesn't change. There is anything else connected to my Heltec board.
Thanks for your support

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.