Importing TFT modules from China
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Importing TFT modules from China

by veruslogic on Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:42 am

We are sourcing a TFT panel from China. It is the exact module on the ESP32-WROVER-KIT. 3.2" 320X240 ILI9341 4-Wire SPI. However we are told we are unable to import this module because we need a patent letter, that we can not get from the manufacturer, that says the module is not in violation of the patent on the white LED backlight. We are unable to find ANY panel with the ILI9341 or ESP32 TFT library compatible that we can get this patent letter.

Can anyone here verify this issue for me? I'm assuming that DigiKey can sell the ESP32-WROVER-KIT because it is a "Development Kit" and not sold in bulk and for this reason can import the dev board with this TFT module.

I would sincerely appreciate if the import person at Adafruit could chime in and help us understand how they are able to import these modules for use on there TFT breakouts.

I reached out to Espressif and they were kind enough to put us in touch with the manufacturer of the module used on the ESP32-WROVER-KIT but we could not import this panel due to this restriction.

We are currently working on a driver for an odd-ball drive chip on a panel that we seem to be able to import with the letter. But that is moving our production date way back. There seems no-hope for using the proven ILI9341 in this product.

Any advice or shared experience would be appreciated.



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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.