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Documentation/Support: Wiki? Blog? Wot?
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Documentation/Support: Wiki? Blog? Wot?

by vputz on Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:31 pm

Okay; first round of beta testing forced almost total rework, second round looks good and I'm almost ready to launch (after another round; first beta was free and I'm considering charging raw parts cost+shipping for round 2 to test out the webstore; I *think* this will be Ok and not alienate my test crew since many offered to pay for the first round; we'll see).

Anyway, I wanted a read. How are people handling website-based documentation? My initial reaction was dedicated HTML webpages (my previous project did its documentation in Sphinx), but I'm strongly considering a wiki, particularly since I'm hoping people tweak and use things in different ways (3d controller interface; I'd love people to make Sketchup or Blender mods, etc). I note that Adafruit used to use a DokuWiki for some things ( but now most of the tutorials et all live in (I don't know what it runs on).

I'm leaning wikiward for community participation, but no idea which one to lean toward--and NO idea how to share user login between OpenCart, Simple Machine Forums, and Wotever Wiki.

Any suggestions on this?

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.