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TB303/TR606 KNOBS, BUTTONS for sale
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TB303/TR606 KNOBS, BUTTONS for sale

by locoder on Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:27 am

I love what you have done with the X0XB0X, many years ago say about 1996 I decided I would build my own 303 when I was about 15, and I was successful with a few versions, the reason I was young and could not afford to buy one, so I thought making one would be better, and more fun, through that time all the way back then I started buying up parts, back then no one was doing this so I was able to buy many parts and get them very easily for very cheap, I wanted to do something like adafruit did, but I could not be bothered, I am glad that they did because this is very cool, this post is not about the parts but the knobs, I have been fortunate enough to get the injection mold, that made all the KNOBS, BUTTONS SLIDER SWITCHES, so I had this remade and have had all these parts made, I also have original stock and the new ones are exactly the same I have many now! chrome plated sexy little acid and drum knobs.

I wanted to see if there was an interest in people purchasing these knobs, I am not going to sell them piece by piece but I will do a group order, so when I get a total of say people who want in total 2000 or more knobs I will then have more pressed, I am trying to re-coup the costs for the injection die which cost a looooot.
so if you join zombie modifications on facebook then join the production run of 303/606 knobs, post how many you want and we will keep a tally as the number grows we will then do another injection molding, and send the ones we currently have out to the people who want them, we will have to specify a MOQ the MOQ and pictures are up on the zombie modification page.

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Re: TB303/TR606 KNOBS, BUTTONS for sale

by locoder on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:07 am

I Also have original old "New Stock TB303" processors , TR909 ROMS, CEM,SSM...I have many, many BA662 .. you name it, the reason I bought these years ago before there was this return of the clones I could get new BA662 back then for $6 a piece and loads of them amazing what popularity does to the price.. this is a very affordable price to 15 year old.. I have hundreds of the original TB303 tempco resistors .. plus much more, I may consider swapping any of these, I have about 64 original new old stock SID chips .... the list goes on... what you got? I live in Australia, and Australian costomers welcomed, especially if your in Melbourne, because I can meet you or drop the stuff off

I am more interested in selling these TB303 AND TR606 KNOBS

here are a picture of the newly made knobs
Large knob.JPG
This is one of the CAD designs that was sent to the injection molding company, done by myself
Large knob.JPG (222.2 KiB) Viewed 4494 times

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Re: TB303/TR606 KNOBS, BUTTONS for sale

by locoder on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:12 am

And here is a comparison of the new ones freshly made ones, against some old ones, try and tell me which one is which?
This is some new ones and some old ones where is wally?
IMAG0058.jpg (933.54 KiB) Viewed 4493 times

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Re: TB303/TR606 KNOBS, BUTTONS for sale

by altitude on Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:48 pm

Wow, those look pretty good. Are the T18 or 6mm D shaft?

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Re: TB303/TR606 KNOBS, BUTTONS for sale

by Dixie237 on Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:06 pm

Hi mate,
Have PM ed.....don't do Facebook am afraid.
Definitely interested in a set for a modded x0x
I would need 12 small, 2 large , and 2 selector. All with d spline.
Let me know some details if you can cheers
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Re: TB303/TR606 KNOBS, BUTTONS for sale

by locoder on Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:51 pm

Prices will be roughly as follows, Steve the Macro Manager has said to put this up as a rough guide! it will not deviate from much more than this, in fact will most likely be a little bit less.
Join the Knob Club, we all want good quality knobs, pun intended!
"Undead ED" aka Alive ED, is still calculating costs, so it benefits you! the user or he/she the knob tweaker, twister, roller, puller or just trippy Little Knob tweeker, this then pays for the injection mold which was very VERY $$$$$$.
Then the price will come down considerably?
If you wish to make a donation that would also be appreciated! If Zombie Spares can cover the cost for the injection mold, we can offer these at very very cheap prices, if you make a donation, then we will give you free knobs buttons as a gift depending on quantity donated. If you wish to donate PM us for details

Small T18 Knob $3.75 - - $8.75 DMOQ
Large T18 Knob $6.75 - - $12.75 depending on quantity ordered DMOQ
Large Selector switch rotary T18 $8.75 - -13.75 depending on quantity ordered DMOQ

Small Push buttons Step sequence buttons $2.25 ->$8.75 DMOQ
Large Push buttons Step sequence buttons $4.50 ->$8.75 DMOQ

DMOQ == depending on minimum quantity ordered

We also offer another range of chrome plated parts, Knobs, Buttons, Keyboards, Dials, we have manufactured and spent hours to make these for you, your new project a custom project or a DIY project, these are different from the originals but still look good together, the originals can also be plated in different coatings see below .. {pictures to come}

You can Choose from different levels of chrome plating there is a very large list.
we have the plating done in Australia, because we at (Zombie Modifications/Systems "spare parts division") believe in keeping money in the Australia and being able to control the quality and finish, it costs more to do this but we do not believe in slave/ sweat shop conditions or supporting manufacturing in countries where people are treated inhumanely. I do not think I need to name any names here...

we are choosing these two plating companies for various reasons.
1. The first rule of Knob Club is .... ... .. . . . you want quality
2. I have personally seen the quality and have had some prototypes done here in Melbourne, and they were fantastic
3. Choice of plating options, quality and colours.
4. Spreading the manufacturing out so everyone (Australians) get a fair go, and help keep manufacturing alive in Australia
5. Personal Reasons that are none of your business
6. Why Not?
7. The other various reasons.
8. [Add your opinion here]

Chrome Plating Services:

Plating options Colours Finishes etc:

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Re: TB303/TR606 KNOBS, BUTTONS for sale

by VOCODER on Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:44 pm

Are these buttons still available? I am looking to purchase RUN/STOP , WRITE/NEXT buttons, SCALE button.

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