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selling my x0xb0x
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selling my x0xb0x

by pich on Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:24 pm

im looking to sell my b0x and was just looking to see if there was any intrest, I recently finished the build with various mods and after sitting down with it and feeling satisfied wit what ive created I reaslied that I enjoyed building it more than I would ever using it, im no producer but more of a project man who loves building things, now im looking for a new project and having the b0x here not being used is a shame really, heres a list of mods.... bass boost mod, accent increase which I put on a pot to adjust it slightly, envolpe x3, vco mod, resonance boost, muffler, mid range boost, envelope forever, overdrive and accent decay. there is one hole remaining in which I waned to add vca mod which I haven't got round to yet, ive hardly used it but to be honest there is a few marks where ive taken it apart a few times and the mod pots need knobs and there is two pots that could do with replacing but I haven't got round to doing that either they become a bit wobbly I think from me taking it apart. ive made this to the best of my abilities and am very proud of it but the money would be good for my next project. having done a lot of mods there are lot of wires about the place when you open it up but everything works perfect apart from the two wobbly pots which I could fix if I get around to it but ive recently moved into a place with my girlfriend so haven't had much time lately.
im looking for £290 and ill post for free
any questions welcome
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.