Waveshield SD card init fail
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Waveshield SD card init fail

by madeleinea on Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:40 pm

I've assembled the Waveshield v1.1 and connected to an Arduino Uno.
I've uploaded the test sketch from your examples and get errors on card initialisation. Usually it's error 1, 0 (see 'Usual Output' below) but occasionally 1, FF.
I've also seen 'No FAT filesystem found' a couple of times
I've tried a different SD card, and have formatted it to FAT 32 using your recommended software.
I've checked the solder joints and these seem ok.
I'm thoroughly disheartened because I've spent 2 days on this and really hoped to have something ready for Halloween, but this seems unlikely now.
I can't easily afford to buy another Waveshield kit.
Please can you offer any advice or assistance?
Many thanks

Usual Output:

Wave test!
Free RAM: 632
Card init. failed!

SD I/O error: 1, 0

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Re: Waveshield SD card init fail

by Kidx9 on Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:48 am

I have the same problem. Also my pc no longer recognizes my SD card. I think the wave shield may have broken it. Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: Waveshield SD card init fail

by Blueshark on Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:57 pm

Hi madeleinea, the specs say you need to format your SD card into FAT16 not FAT 32 then load the files; try this first to see if it works.

I assume your talking about this Wave shield....

If this SD FAT16 format doesn't work it could be your soldering.... This Shield requires a lot of soldering for a beginner...

Have you ever solder before madeleinea?

I took an electronics soldering class to learn how to solder, it takes practice to get soldering right.

Here are a few tips about solder if anyone wants to know...

1 - Lead free solder requires more heat to melt, than lead based solder.

2 - dont spend too much time heating up your solder or you may make a "cold joint"; its when the two connections dont connect right because the solder looses its bonding effect; its like having two loose wires connected.... not relyable.

3 - try not to make any blobs of solder, keep it nice, small, and neat...

4 - Last but not least.... You must remove the left over Solder Flux with a solder flux removal chemical or rubbing alcohol (I use rubbing alcohol with a spare tooth brush; just scrub the flux out and let dry for a day)..... Why do this.... because left over Solder Flux is CONDUCTIVE... its like crosing 2 bare wires.... remove it.... or you electronics may act funny or you may in a worse case sinerio blow you chip... Left over Solder Flux looks shinny/ glossy around the solder joints on the board, when you remove it theres no shinny/ glossy blob around the joints...

Here are some pictures of my Wave shield build...

Top View...

Side View...

Bottom View...

You may see a White wire out of place.... thats because its required to make the LED lights go on as the sound plays its a nice effect got it from this tutorial...


I hope this info helps you....


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Re: Waveshield SD card init fail

by adafruit_support_carter on Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:57 pm

@madeleinea Please post photos of your setup.

@Kidx9 Please do same, but in a new thread.

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