WINC1500 Shield, Firmware update won't connect
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WINC1500 Shield, Firmware update won't connect

by strangeluck on Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:38 pm

I'm using a WINC1500 shield on an Arduino Uno. I've been trying to make use of WiFiSSLClient in code but cannot get it to work. In addition I cannot get the Firmware Updater to connect to the WINC1500 shield so I can add a SSL root certificate. When I select "Test Connection" I get "Programmer not responding" window. In the console of the FirmwareUpdater sketch, I get:

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Sketch uses 9946 bytes (30%) of program storage space. Maximum is 32256 bytes.
Global variables use 1869 bytes (91%) of dynamic memory, leaving 179 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2048 bytes.
Low memory available, stability problems may occur.
java.lang.Exception: Programmer not responding
Make sure that FirmwareUpdater sketch is loaded on the board.
   at cc.arduino.plugins.wifi101.flashers.java.FlasherSerialClient.hello(FlasherSerialClient.java:108)
   at cc.arduino.plugins.wifi101.flashers.Flasher.testConnection(Flasher.java:105)
   at cc.arduino.plugins.wifi101.UpdaterImpl$1.run(UpdaterImpl.java:166)

Keep in mind, the shield seems to work fine with other sketches that use WiFiClient but so far, I haven't been able to get any sketches that use WiFiSSLClient to work. Since I cannot get a connection, I cannot update firmware and am stuck at 19.4.4.

1. Perhaps the Uno has too little memory to run the FirmwareUpdater sketch? I don't have any other devices to test it with and would rather not spend money on another board to be disappointed.
2. I'd like to see an example of the WifiSSLClient that works. I suspect it'll have to do something with arduino.cc:443 since it's the only certificate I have.
3. Is there a way to update the firmware directly? Perhaps via SD card? Command line app?

Running on Mac, OS X 10.12, Arduino IDE 1.8.9

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Re: WINC1500 Shield, Firmware update won't connect

by pbruno on Sun Mar 31, 2019 1:25 pm

Same problem here. Using a MEGA or UNO with Adafruit WINC1500 shield - Updater will not connect. Tried multiple boards and shields. I was able to update with a Metro M4 however.

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Re: WINC1500 Shield, Firmware update won't connect

by alienryes on Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:46 am

I get exactly the same issue when trying to update the firmware using a Mega with Adafruit WINC1500.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.