MusicMaker Amplified Shield w/ Arduino Mega
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MusicMaker Amplified Shield w/ Arduino Mega

by treatablebum on Sun Oct 25, 2020 7:06 pm

Tried as is with 2x3 SPI header soldered onto shield to pass through to the MCU
Tried with Arduino UNO and Mega but only get this:

16:08:41.085 -> Adafruit VS1053 Simple Test
16:08:41.487 -> Couldn't find VS1053, do you have the right pins defined?

I want to use this with Mega, and mostly for SD card logging with some MP3 playing for critical alerts.
Just doing unit testing to build off getting the "Player Simple" sketch to work on Uno or Mega.
But it always says do you have the right pins defined?

Reading through the Learn guide and it is fairly ambigous for the Mega on what is needed for specific steps in HW and Code.
I want to know what to do in Code and HW to make this work for Mega or is the board bad?
The Assembly section seems fairly clear, but can't get past the "once it is working" cut the 12, 13, 11 traces to free up those pins.

"If you're using a Mega or Leonardo Arduino, you'll need to short the jumpers on the top right of the board, and install the 2x3 socket header."
The 2x3 SPI socket header is installed and soldered to the shield to pass through from an Arduino family MCU.
The MISO, CLK, MOSI pads have been connected "shorted" across with solder.
The "top right of the board" is where this area is for SPI and for cutting traces and soldering across, but it is the LEFT side of this that has solder-able jumpers, not the right.

Assuming as an Arduino shield format, this is designed by default to work OOTB (out of the box) with Arduino Uno and just load the "Player Simple" sketch. But same message.
Assuming SPI pins are inherently defined in Arduino and Mega and do not need to be declared, hence they are commented out in the "player simple" sketch.
Assuming "Short the Jumpers" means solder across the left-hand open (MISO, SCK, MOSI) solder pads.
Assuming ignore the cutable traces on the right to the pads labeled on the silkscreen for #12, 13, #11 that are connected. That these functionally route to the right pins on either board and are for doing crazier setups.

.. or ..

Does it mean for Mega,
a) You need to declare these non-Uno pins in code and uncomment the code with Uno pins (12, 13, 11) and set them to the appropriate Mega pin equivalents (50, 52, 51) respectively?
b) Cut the traces to the explicit silkscreen pins that call out Arduino Pins (12,13,11) instead of generic functional pins they represent.
c) Solder 3 wires to "jump" from those cut-trace for 12, 13, 11 to the 2x3 socket header pins that match those signals.
d) ???

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Re: MusicMaker Amplified Shield w/ Arduino Mega

by eranbenjamin on Sat Apr 03, 2021 2:13 am

Did you fix the problem? I am facing the same problem with MEGA.
In my case I use stacking headers (For connecting Arduino MEGA 2560 to Music Maker Shield) so the only soldering I did is the MISO / MOSI / SCK shortage.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.