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another Monochron alive - and soon to be hacked
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another Monochron alive - and soon to be hacked

by bastard on Tue May 04, 2010 10:39 am

Yesterday I received the both Monochron kits I ordered in February. That's not your fault. I didn't expect that you kept the power supplies, but you did. Thank you very much.

After work I tried to assemble the 1st Monochron. But suddenly after a few solders the solder didn't melt as expected anymore ... so I looked on the temperature display and it shows 215°C and FALLING! :oops:

My soldering iron has died! :( So I grabbed my other, ugly and older one out of a box and finished the Monochron and it worked. Now my colleagues are exited of my new desk item. Great!

The 2nd Monochron will be the hacked one. And here comes the hacking plan:

I want to add a DCF77 radio clock receiver and maybe a photoresistor for auto brightness setting. This would need a window on the back. The receiver antenna cannot be inside the case. I also have a few (1-wire) DS1820 temperature sensors.

What would you use to cut a window in the back? A dremel? What dremel-tool?

What pin should I use for the radio receiver? The binary signal is 80ms - 120ms or 180ms to 220ms long.

I don't want to solder too much around in the prototyping area. Instead I decided to use a Monochron prototype or name it a Monochron developers platform. It consists of a breadboard, a Mega328 Header Kit (from Tinker Store) a KS0108 display and a few more parts.

Unfortunately the Mega328 Header Kit has an oscillator - it's basically the same as with the Boarduino so I have to change some of the wiring and the code. But I had no luck up to now. :cry:

So the main question is so far: How to wire a KS0108 display to a Boarduino and where to change the Monochron code to have something displayed. For now I only get some garbage.

I try to give you some more information - maybe a Fritzing file will help you to help me.


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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.