Two ECM 93s and Feeders for Sale
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Two ECM 93s and Feeders for Sale

by andremckay on Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:58 pm

I have two ECM 93 pick and place machines as well as 5 feeders that I am looking to sell.

The first machine (marked 1 in the picture) is an ECM 93 and was our workhorse for 15+ years. Last August the machine suddenly died and is currently not working. I am sure that it can be repaired, however we decided it was time to upgrade to a Luna 7722 FV. It comes with the ECM 93, control card, control box, computer, mouse, keyboard, computer LCD monitor, and camera CRT monitor. I also have the manuals as well as an archived copy of the software.

The second machine (marked 2 in the picture) is an ECM 93S and was purchased 5 years ago used. This machine is also not currently working. We had purchased it as a spare parts machine but the servos and servo controllers are not compatible with the other machine, something we learned the hard way... This machine comes with all of the same stuff as above without the computer LCD monitor.

The 5 feeders are; (2) 12mm, (1) 16mm, and (2) 24mm feeders. These feeders do not seem to fit in my new Luna 7722 FV but work fine in these ECM 93s.

I am asking $3,000 plus shipping for the pair of machines. At this time I am not interested in selling the machines separately. I am looking for $400 each for the feeders. If someone wants the machines and the feeders, we can work something out.

Please send me an email if you are interested or want some more information.


Andre A. McKay

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.