SOLD: Complete MDC 7722FV Pick and Place for Sale
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SOLD: Complete MDC 7722FV Pick and Place for Sale

by ktownsend on Tue May 01, 2012 10:32 am

I'll be moving this summer with the entire family, and since I don't do nearly as much assembly as I used to, and I'm really not keen on paying a fortune to ship the pick and place, I've decided to sell the machine and just pick up another one down the road once we're settled back in.

If you're interested in scaling things up a bit without breaking the bank, the MDC 7722FV is a solid choice since it's still actively supported by the manufacturer (you can still buy new reels, spare parts, upgrades, etc., which you don't want to underestimate compared to older second hand devices) ... and the parts tends to be pretty reasonably priced by comparison. The mains bugs have all been worked out of the system config, and I have it running reliably place 0.5mm QFN/QFP/etc. and 0603 parts (I never tried 0402, though I do have the specialized pickup tips for 0201 and 0402).

Absolutely everything needed to start assembling tommorow is present including a decent number of feeders (which are the real expense in any pick and place system).

The system includes:

MDC 7722FV with dual-base (2x27 8mm slots), for up to 54 8mm feeders
31x8mm feeders (these are the staple of your assembly, and you want these more than anything else to get rid of the boring tiny parts like 0603, 0805, SOT23, etc.)
3x12mm feeders (rarer than I thought, but some SMA packages, and smaller QFNs are 12mm)

The bigger feeders are kind of expensive (>$1000 for 24mm), and you can often place anything on 16mm tape or larger by programming them in as trays and taping the cut tape to a spare PCB ... 8mm is really what you want to max out on since you can't quickly or easily do those any other way.

The PnP comes with the control PC (including the vision system, motor control card, etc.), an LCD monitor, and I can toss in a small 6L air compressor to give you everything you need to get started right away.

The machine probably has a couple hundred hours use on it, and is almost new, and I wouldn't hesistate to buy the same system again myself. The learning curve is steep to figure out it's quirks, but this is true of any system, and I'm happy to spend a day giving the new owner an overview of how the system works to get a head start. I was able to have it up and running in a couple days thanks to the 7722FV wiki here on Adafruit, and you definately shouldn't underestimate the value of that when choosing your machine.

The setup above would cost a bit more than $50K USD off Manncorps, though I imagine everyone negotiates the price down a bit ... but I can't imagine you could pick up the same complete setup for less than $40K:
https://www.manncorp.com/pick-and-place ... ?auto=done

The machine is about 2 years old and is located in Paris, France. The new owner is responsible for shipping, but it's probably better to factor in a plane ticket to come to Paris anyway so I can offer a bit of hands-on training first while the machine is still assembled. Ideally, someone in Europe could probably rent a truck and pick it up in person, since this is probably the cheapest and safest means of transportation, sticking it on a palette.

You can see a video of the actual machine in action here, including the ghetto tray feeding I mentioned for larger components. I added a lot more reel holders since this video was taken and the machine is pretty much maxed out now (which is good).


I'm selling it for 17,000 EUR (about 22,000 USD) complete. Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at: "contact [-AT-] microbuilder [-dot-] eu"

The machine is 220V, but apparently (according to MDC) it isn't that hard to switch to 110V, but the shipping will probably cost a lot, so it may not make as much sense outside of Europe.

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