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Wavewatch BE - Browser based soundcard oscilloscope
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Wavewatch BE - Browser based soundcard oscilloscope

by d4p0up on Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:28 am

Dear Adafruit community,

Here's an ongoing project I'd like to share with you: Wavewatch BE, a browser soundcard scope I've been working on lately.

It has most features you'd expect from an oscilloscope, two independant voices using L&R channels of your PC soundcard, multiple triggering modes, and I'm currently working on the measurement part that is under intensive testing. GUI wise, it's made with the objective to be responsive, tactile friendly and adaptive to browser window size. Thanks to this, I have been able to successfully test it with Firefox on PC, Tablet and mobile devices.

Live demo :
Gitlab :


For those who might be aware of the previous Wavetach Processing Oscilloscope that I published here a couple of years ago, this version uses some of the logic but the core has been completely rewritten. It is strongly based on P5js but does not use its audio core to access to the whole sample buffers as fast as possible. Consequently, keep in mind that using this tool takes a lot of processing power from your device. Javascript nor HTML5 Audio canvas have never been made to perform hard real time signal processing, so performance is not there... but having an extra oscilloscope on any device that has a web browser and a soundcard can be a handy help :)

I might by the way need a little help to test if it works on Chrome. It should, but I need to run the script from an https location which I don't have. If any of you have access to an SSL ready server, I would appreciate the temporary hosting of the files so I can check compatibility and performance on chrome.

Happy scoping, Vincent

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.