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Got in Trouble with Hakko FX-888D
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Re: Got in Trouble with Hakko FX-888D

by dmoshal on Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:42 pm

From a review in Amazon (which I can confirm worked for me):

Resetting Hakko FX888D to factory "default" settings:
1. Make sure unit is "off".
2. Hold the "UP" button AND "ENTER" button down at the same time.
3. Turn on the unit.
4. Continue to hold down the two buttons until the screen flashes "A".
5. Release your fingers from all buttons when flashing "A" occurs.
6. Push "UP" button one time--the unit will display a "U".
7. Once screen reads "U", push the "ENTER" button one time to exit the reset mode.
8. Unit will begin to heat up to 750℉ (the factory calibration point) and stop at 750℉.
9. Unit is now reset to factory settings. (You can now set your temperature at the desired setting and begin soldering!)

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Re: Got in Trouble with Hakko FX-888D

by adafruit_support_bill on Wed Sep 10, 2014 5:53 am

Excellent! Thanks for the tip!

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Re: Got in Trouble with Hakko FX-888D

by tobia on Sat May 16, 2015 2:29 pm

This is now the second result for "hakko fx888d reset temperature calibration" on Google.

I actually found out how to reset the unit to factory defaults (it's the first Google result): power it on while holding both Up and Enter pressed, then choose between A = Asian defaults with °C and U = US defaults with °F and press Enter to confirm.

This reset will undo any temperature calibration done by the user, but it's unclear whether it will also lose the calibration done at the factory. In my case it was a definite improvement over my misguided calibration.

All in all, I wish I had bought a FX888 non-D. The digital two-button interface is abysmal. I switched it to preset mode, because it makes it a bit less painful to change temperatures, at the cost of precision, but it's still a far cry from the usability of an analog knob.

This, plus the fact that it's so easy to ruin the calibration (you just need to make ONE simple mistake while performing the complex multi-button procedure to change the temperature) makes it a very poor user interface.

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Re: Got in Trouble with Hakko FX-888D

by BobNt on Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:46 pm


I also managed to change the calibration on my new station.

I wanted to change the temperature from 250C to 350C.
I did not read the full manual and instead of changing the temp I changed the calibration:
First I tried to press the UP button short, no change . Then I pressed UP for 2sec. and entered in "AdJ" mode. I adjusted the temp from 250 to 350 and confirmed with Enter. The station cooled down from 350C back to 250C (the presset temp). That was strange since I was expecting to warm up to 350C. I wasn't able to solder.

To fix it I changed the temp from 250 to 350 (by pressing Enter then UP)
and calibrated back saying that the wrong 350C is in fact 250C.

Now I know how to change the temp:
- Press Enter 2 sec. => enter Temp setting mode
- Change the temp using UP and press Enter to confirm each digit.
If the buttons are not pressed for 1 min the station enters the working mode and you need to press Enter again to change the working temp.

I think the 'Adjust mode ' should have a dedicated button on the bottom of the station or some hard to get location.
Or they could name the right button <TEMP SET/ENTER> to be more intuitive. A sticker with a notice near the Enter button could also do the job.

Anyways except this gimmick I like the station, it works well.

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