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hot air tool holder/stand
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hot air tool holder/stand

by amigabill on Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:27 pm

Does anyone have suggestions for what makes a good hot air tool stand? I have an Aoyue 968a+ hot air station as well as an 883 preheater, but nothing yet to hold the air tool where it needs to be.

I think the Aoyue 618A would be too small for me, as I want to work on PC motherboards that can be bigger than the Xbox360 and things this stand mentions in marketing. Old Amiga tower computer boards are huge! I'm also interested in BGA reballing and smaller things, but some boards I want to work with are quite big.

The Hakko 999-224/999-224b boom stand looks nice but is kindof expensive. I missed a good deal on a non-b one on Ebay recently, or I'd have that and not be asking. Since I missed it, I've found some other possibilities that may or may not be even better. I've since become concerned about the length of the Hakko boom making it difficult to use near a wall behind my workbench. Not sure what arrangements can be problematic or work better.

The JBC RWT-A/RWS-A/RWB-A arm family may be better for my workspace than the Hakko, as it folds in the middle rather than sliding back and forth. Also kindof expensive. Anyone have experience with this one?

Another idea is an articulating arm, such as what someone had posted on Hackaday to repurpose a lamp on an articulating arm for cheap. My concern there is that a similar artculating arm lamp that I have has poor precision. Perhaps something like the Scienscope SB-CL2-FX heavy-duty articulating arm, or the SB-HX-S0 Hydraulic Arm, with the Aoyue tool bracket piece of 618a and a dowel adaptor? Has anyone tried anything like that?

Or an ETA (Ergonomic Tool Arms) arm? Some are marketed for pull-down screwdriver usage, some are for tapping holes with threads, but seems like it might be useful for hot air tools as well. Or 3arm?

Any other suggestions for sturdy and precise air tool placement?

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.