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UNO bluetooth
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UNO bluetooth

by MatSamJacJoe on Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:55 am

I am 57 and new to microcontrollers and everything that goes with it I am loving it and trying very hard to find the time to work on my project with ADHD Dyslexia & life generally getting in the way!

I am working on a project and wondered what you would would best advise for the next step?
I have a Uno i want to have a gps module to send info to it via bluetooth?


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Re: UNO bluetooth

by devinganger on Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:49 pm

Hey, from a fellow beginner on this road...

I would recommend breaking it down into two pieces. While that seems like a complication, what I have learned from my friends with ADD/ADHD is that it makes each project a little simpler and easier to troubleshoot. When you get success on one, then you move on to the next with a clean slate.

1) GPS breakouts communicate to the microcontroller board of your choice via serial I/O. In this case, you would be using the Bluetooth as a transport for the serial data between the GPS and Uno. However, my experience is that getting your project working is a minimum way by wiring the GPS directly would be a first good step. Figuring out the code of how to talk to the GPS successfully can be a little tricky, so simplifying the hardware side as much as possible lets you focus on that until you understand the code.

2) Now start on the Bluetooth com link. Figure out how that works, and how to use it for serial communication.

3) Now combine the working BT link with the GPS. I don't know if you'd find a GPS/BT combo, you'll probably have to build a module for that out of a GPS breakout and some sort of BT breakout. You might find that the full stream of GPS data over BT serial causes the BT to be more active than you want, so may need to keep the GPS with a smaller microcontroller that can pre-parse the data and then send only that parsed data via BT to your Uno. Or it may work just as great as you expect.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.