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brighter then NeoPixels
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brighter then NeoPixels

by dandrei on Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:10 pm

Hi, I made a project with Arduino and the 144 NeoPixel LED strip - I use the strip as an intelligent brake light for a vehicle and I need a similar strip but much brighter. I see some vendors sell dual row or quad row LED strips. Do you guys have that? If not, any idea how I could get the same effect but more brightness? - again, this should be almost as visible as the stop lights or the LED third break light that most cars have these days. Would the LED's you have for the matrix panels work better? The power source will be 12V - car battery.

Here is a link to youtube showing my prototype (patent pending):

Thank you

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Re: brighter then NeoPixels

by thelastosirus on Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:58 pm

Hey! You have a cool piece of kit here. I actually thought of doing this same exact thing, making an "aftermarket advanced brake light". But there were a few issues I could never really get around. I was going to use an accelerometer but it wouldn't work in the snow, or maybe even the wet effectively. Then I thought about using the ABS light but then it wouldn't be effective in cars with outstanding grip (sporty & sports cars), since they can brake quite hard without triggering ABS. A combination of the two would work for 90% of the situations. That's where it ended. How do you deal with these situations?

Anyway, back to your question. I don't know why you need a double or quad strip...? It is plenty bright enough. In fact, if you look into the science behind the emergency brake lights, it centers around the concept of the reduction of reaction time to the following driver. There were studies done and what made drivers recognize an "imminent panic braking situation" was simply flashing lights. So brighter is not the way to go. You need center your braking patterns around "braking the pattern". (See what I did there?) You do a pretty darn good job of it already. The brightness is spot on though according to your video but the color is a bit off compared to the other brake lights. But this is nit picking. What I would do: Reduce the width to about 1.5x the original brake light. Have only 2 modes: normal which is close to stock width, and "panic mode" which is the full 1.5x width flashing 2x/sec. Don't flash any faster due to some obscure psychological effects...

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.