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Problem with PiGRRL Project
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Problem with PiGRRL Project

by wezra on Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:53 pm

I am very new to Raspberry Pi and my son decided to build the GameBoy project for this school project. I believe we have all the connections right because when I plug the battery in and turn the power switch on all the lights go on.... but the screen lights up blank white. I have seen several participants on the Forum refer to this as the "white screen of death". Hopefully its not that bad. I have been able to get the Retro Pi program to load on the Raspberry Pi 3, but beyond that I can't seem to get the software program for either the screen or buttons to load. When I go to f4 on the keyboard (and am signed in to the internet via WI-Fi) and try to input the commands for manual download I get error messages saying that no such command(s) can be found. I have no clue how to use an ssh and when I have tried that either the IP address times out or it instantly says I have no access to that IP address.

This project is my son's entire grade for the year and is very important. I am frustrated beyond belief. The instructions on loading the software packages is very vague and for someone who is not a software programmer, this has not been a positive experience. Is their anyone out here on the forum that can help? I have tried to hire someone that knows Raspberry Pi in my local area (Atlanta) with absolutely no luck. Everyone says its impossible to load up those two software packages and my son should just give up... and turn in the project as is... explaining to the teacher that the software takes a true software engineer to load up on the Pi. I truly hope that isn't the case.... his grade will be destroyed!

Thank you in advance for any assistance.... (Also, please don't suggest that I go out to YouTube... I have spent literally dozens of hours out there and nothing is of any help.)

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Re: Problem with PiGRRL Project

by devinganger on Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:30 am

Hi, sounds like some basic troubleshooting is in order. First, how much lead time do you have before your son needs to turn the project in?

Okay, let's walk through some basics.

1) Are you following a tutorial -- if so, which one? Can you link to it?

2) Which screen are you using that is causing the blank white screen? Have you switched to another HDMI screen, or HDMI cable? It's usually best to start with a known-working monitor and cable combo. The Pi3 is nice because you can work with a full-sized HDMI port on both ends and use an existing cable. If you're trying this on one of the small TFT monitors that Adafruit sells, many of them don't do the auto-detection of monitor parameters and require you to update a text file on your Pi's SD card. When I set up mine, I had to connect to a regular computer monitor, make sure everything was working, and then modify the config text file to work with my TFT.

3) How do you know the Retro Pi program is loaded? What SD card are you using? What are the lights on the Pi doing? Is your keyboard connected via USB? Do you also have a mouse connected? Have you booted up into Raspbian first to run through some basic testing and ensure that your Pi is properly working? In RetroPi, have you walked through the steps to enable incoming SSH?

4) Can you take pictures of the connections (800x600 is best) and show them here so we can verify your connections?

Depending on time, maybe a video chat via Skype could be scheduled to work through some of these basics. I'm on the West Coast and I'm certainly no expert on Raspberry Pi, but if you need another set of eyes and don't get some constructive responses from here, we can leave that as an option.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.