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Smart Street Lighting based on vehicle movement detection on
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Smart Street Lighting based on vehicle movement detection on

by diliprajkumar on Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:06 am

I am Dilip. Me and my friend are planning to do this Real-world IoT project for a graded course in our university. It can be called Smart Street Light Controller based on vehicle movement detection on the LORAWAN network. Basically we aim to place two Arduino Vehicle movement detection kits (Arduino Nano + Proximity Sensor Shield + LoraWAN shield) on the beginning and end of the road.
Whenever a vehicle crosses these sensors (i.e enters and exits a street), we want the Street Lights to Turn ON and Turn OFF as the vehicle enters and exits the street. Of course, we don’t have access to a real world street light as we don’t get permission from the city municipality office to control a real street light. But for proof of concept demonstration we plan on putting a sufficiently big, Indicator LED (Red Color) Kit (Arduino Nano + LED Kit + LoraWAN Shield) that can be controlled ON/OFF by the vehicle movement detection sensors from the LoRAWAN server/gateway. The Indicator LED needs to be preferably powered by the same power source (USB Battery Bank) that powers the Arduino or it can be self powered by means of AA batteries. The LED also needs to be sufficiently BIG and Bright, such that it should be visible if we happened to shoot it from a 10 meter distance on a iPhone Camera,so breadboard LEDs won’t work for our requirement.

The main aims of the project are:
    Turn ON a Street Light (Indicator LED) when a vehicle ENTERs a street and Turn OFF the Light when the vehicle EXITs the street
    Measure Vehicle Count (Movement of Vehicles per day) on the road for both the left lane and right lane
    OPTIONALLY, we would like to implement a sound sensor that turns ON a street light for a few mins when it detects unusually high noise activity

We would like to purchase all the hardware for this project from you, but before that can you please clarify the following:
    Which sensor ( UltraSound / IR / Laser or Sound MIC sensor) is best suited for this project?
    Which is the best placement strategy for the sensor for vehicle traffic? On top of a traffic light (facing down on the road) or on a street light or street sign pole on the side of the road?
    How do we segregate vehicle count on the left and right lane of the road? Can this be achieved based on effective and strategic positioning of the vehicle movement detection sensor?
    Which LED light (RED Color - Big, Bright, Low-Powered) can you recommend for our requirement?

We look forward for your clarifications so we can buy the right hardware and proceed in the right direction for realizing our project.

Best Regards,

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.