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Guidelines for "show and tell" - just a hint.
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Guidelines for "show and tell" - just a hint.

by george_graves on Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:23 am

Hey everyone. As you know - the new "show and tell" has been a smashing success. We're only 3-4 show into it now, so, it's still a little ruff around the edges. But, as time goes by we'll be sure to make it better and better! Although, with the recent shows, that seems imposable! There are some awesome people doing some awesome stuff! Think you can top it? I'm betting you can....


Honestly, even the simplest of hacks/mods/inventions are welcome. So don't be shy!

But...if an effort to help you explain what you are going to show, let's set up some guidelines. Just helpful hints - nothing written in stone. Just a few things that might help you get your 2-8 mins of inter-web-fame all that more successful. I just noticed that people often start explaining their awesome thing, without telling what it is till the very end! Ouch!!! So this is only meant to help....just our 2 cents...

I'll recommended the old "who, what, when, where and why" - lets break it down. Like a boss...


Who: Chances are adabot will introduce you according to what your google+ handle/user name before you are live, but this is a great chance to say something about yourself or blog.

What: Lets start what you've named it! Every mod/hack/invention has a name! right? For example "Hey this is what I call a boarduino on crack" - something like that...

When: When is this thing useful - or when did you make it? When was it that you thought it up? What situation caused you to think of it?

Where: Where it is used? What environment? What does it plug into? Where can someone get more information?

Why: Why is it that you set out to make it? Why is it different then what is already out there. ect...

After that - go into details. Just let people get an overview. Then get into the nitty-gritty of it. What did you learn? How did you learn it? What would you change?

Again - just guide lines - I don't mean to suggest you have to follow anything I said - feel free to go "off the cuff" - and just talk. But remember, you may have spent 100 hours on something - but a short introduction to "who, what, when where and why" will let us know more in 30 seconds so we call follow along and enjoy the details.

Thanks for reading - and happy "show and tellin'!"

george graves
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.