2.4" TFT Featherwing TFT_RESET Pin?
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2.4" TFT Featherwing TFT_RESET Pin?

by coburn64 on Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:09 pm

EDIT: The system thought this post was spam but rest assured it's not. I have linked the UTFT library github and featherwing pages so people can cross-reference. Thanks.

I've been trying to use the ESP8266/ESP32 port of UTFT (available on github here) with my Adafruit HUZZAH8266 / HUZZAH32 boards and the TFT 2.4" LCD featherwing and I've run into a road block.

According to the pinout and other info available on the Featherwing's download page located here, there is a TFT_RESET pin. The question is, is this hooked to any GPIO?

If it is hooked to a GPIO, can you please tell me what number the HUZZAH8266 and HUZZAH32 pins are respectively? I am not sure if UTFT can operate without the RESET pin, but I would appreciate any info.


You may be wondering why I'm using a UTFT port. It's just that it supports things that the Adafruit library lacks, like custom fonts, faster SPI writes, etc. I have nothing against Adafruit's library and I have yet to run benchmarks, but Adafruit's library is slow when doing fill operations and other things. Again, nothing against Adafruit and their library coders, but the beauty of having an open source system is you can pick and choose what fruit you want to throw into your blender.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.