7" TFT and RA8875 Screen Not Powering On
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7" TFT and RA8875 Screen Not Powering On

by sbagheri15 on Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:19 pm


I am having significant troubles with my TFT (product ID: 2354) & RA8875 (product ID: 1590) driver.

A client purchased these items for me and I was able to get everything started up and working fine within minutes using your support/learn page (https://learn.adafruit.com/ra8875-touch ... iver-board).

I successfully loaded a button with text and touch functionality to activate a motor on an Arduino UNO.

The screen went through some handling as it was transported to another location, and it no longer worked. My team and I figured we damaged the ribbon cable on the screen during transport. As a result, we ordered another screen and driver board (just to be safe) and purchased the expedited shipping as we are extremely tight on time to deliver our project.

The new screen and driver didn't work either. We were very confused because I set everything up the same way, but still couldn't get it working. We ended up ordering another screen and driver with expedited shipping again. The next set of hardware still didn't work...

- Arduino UNO
- Pin 13 - SCK
- Pin 12 - MISO
- Pin 11 - MOSI
- Pin 10 - CS
- Pin 9 RST
- Pin 3 - INT
- 5V - Vin
- Using the regular "buildtest" and "textmode" examples from the RA8875 library. Adjusted screen size designation in the code to 800x480 but everything else was untouched in the example code.
- Using the same computer to program the arduino for all the screens, so I have all the same libraries and everything loaded up.

Things I've tried and some observations:
- I have tried unplugging and replugging the ribbon cable on all screens and drivers multiple times.
- I have checked my pin designations a MILLION times and they are exactly the way they are listed above, which is the same as how your support/learn page lays it out.
- Checking the serial monitor, results are random. Sometimes, the Arduino doesn't find the driver at all, sometimes it finds it, but nothing happens after, sometimes it finds the driver and says "waiting for touch points" but does not actually read touch on the screen.
- With the setup, I can sometimes get the screen to flicker, show some random lines, flash white, etc, but it's random.

I am thinking that 2nd and 3rd screen we got was damaged in shipping because of the way they were packaged. As of now, that is the only reasonable conclusion I can make. The first screen and driver came in a big box. The second and third screens that never worked came in a really small box that was barely big enough for the screen to fit - the screen was pretty much wedged into the box which left pressure on the ribbon cable during shipping. Let me know what you guys think.

I feel like I've tried everything. The fact that I got the first screen powered up with no problems in minutes but have spent days trying to power up the other two screens with zero luck tells me it may be a hardware problem but I'd like to hear your thoughts. Is there anything I could have missed?

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Re: 7" TFT and RA8875 Screen Not Powering On

by detur686 on Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:17 pm

I have the same problem with these crappy components and adafruit is unwilling to help me come to a resolution. Thought they responded to these threads in 1-2 days? Can somebody please look into why NONE of the RA8875 boards are working even when wired identically the way adafruit says they should be and we are using adafruits's code??? Why do SO many people have this issue? Wish I would have bought components from a different company, as there is no support here.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.