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Brighter/warmer alternative to LED Sequins
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Brighter/warmer alternative to LED Sequins

by davelo on Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:13 am

Hi all, I've got a project that just requires some very simple LEDs, the LED sequins here on Adafruit seemed perfect but aren't quite bright enough and the warm white seem to be a bit cooler than 3000k.

I'll be deploying them in sets of 4 with each set wired in a parallel circuit off of a single pin on an ESP32 based microcontroller. My plan is to use ESPHome for quick and easy integration into Home Assistant as I don't need RGB or addressing for the LEDs, they just need to turn on and off simultaneously and Home Assistant will allow me to fade them up and down at the speed I want when they turn on/off. They do need to be small as they'll be hidden behind the leaves of a pothos plant, with the wires being camouflaged behind the vines, which is part of the reason I want just a simple +/- circuit without a third wire for control (easier to hide the cables if its only 2 per LED).

The LED sequins mostly fit the bill for this but once I got them rigged up the brightness was lacking and as mentioned the light wasn't as warm as I had in mind. I was browsing the NeoPixels and they are clearly brighter and the model linked below seems like it would meet my color temperature criteria but the requirement for an additional controller, a third cable, and the additional complexity of programming them seems like it would push the time investment for this project past what I can justify given other things I have going on.

Wondering if anyone can recommend any alternatives to the sequins that are brighter/warmer but still as simple, or maybe point me in the right direction if working with something like the addressable NeoPixels wouldn't take as much time as I'm assuming for a simple project like this, thanks.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.