Weatherproof Flora Smart RGB Pixels
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Weatherproof Flora Smart RGB Pixels

by kkolbo on Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:32 am

One or the problems I am having with designing wearables, and I have ideas for several, (other than getting my paws on a Flora :D ) is the way LEDs stick out from the garment. It is both unattractive with the biker crowd and they catch on things. The weatherproof RGB 12mm LED strings are great for installing in saddlebags, but it is just too much extra wire and depth for vest patterns etc. I could cut the wires between LEDs and make new connections, but that is very time consuming on 40 or more LEDs.

The Flora smart RGB Pixels are thin. I was thinking I could sew them under the leather or other vest material and make small square openings for the LEDs. The problem is weatherproofing the pixels. I know nothing about electronics and proper practices so I need your ideas. Can they be weatherproofed without overheating them? How would you do that? What about the connections? Heatshrink will cover the wire but not the pads, so do I solder and heatshrink and then slater silcone or epoxy over the PCB? I am open to all discussion. This is for a crowd that will not want the PCBs showing on the outside of the garments. They are closet Geeks, and Poser bikers.

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Re: Weatherproof Flora Smart RGB Pixels

by pburgess on Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:57 am

Sounds nifty! Heat shouldn't be a problem for these, even if coated in something waterproof.

For the latter, I'd suggest trying clear Tool Dip, epoxy, or clear nail polish. It's possible that some of these may turn yellow or deteriorate with extended exposure to UV radiation outdoors, so this might require some homework first.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.