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MLX90333 or MLX90393?
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MLX90333 or MLX90393?

by hesynergy on Thu Jun 11, 2020 5:05 am

I am so impressed with Adafruit’s Boss and co-workers...your videos are always ridden with excitement and nudges me and my kids to explore!

I teach aviation and all of its FAA requirements to anyone who will listen. That is the way I learn. I have a USB connected THRUSTMASTER (“TM”)HOTAS Warthog. ... Manual.pdf

As you see, there are a ton of buttons, switches and sensors(“BSS”)...lovely, lovely...

The above kit... is a United States Airforce replica of the HOTAS found in an A10C “Warthog”, consisting of an F-15 Dual throttle, and an F16 control(joy) stick. The parent company of TM is GUILLEMOT Corp (“G-Corp.”¹), A FRENCH SA , US Bancorp Republic Commercial Finance Inc¹

TM either used or uses the Melexis Magnetic sensor chip seen below: ,

I can find no obvious reference to the nomenclature on the chip/kit y’all at Adafruit carry. The MLX90393 seems to be an upgrade of the 90333;what is the difference betwixt the two? Is one more suited for simultaneous X,Y (Roll/Pitch) output as seen in ... 022-04.mp4

I need info on the parts and any instruction sheets available to achieve your above video’s results. I hope to learn to duplicate vid’s function to see how I might use the TM HOTAS’s native magnet/Hall Effect sensor combo , and your interfacing parts, thus excluding the internal HOTAS Mux/DeMux boards, and output ALL the BSSs to the Bodnar board.

Specifically, I am trying to bypass the TM duplexing registers, (Shift registers?)because both the throttle AND flight stick USB connections are no longer recognized by Windows 10 2004 (Build 1941.264). This has happened several times before. I need to use these magnificent HOTAS components, but I cannot afford to be serially replacing the flaky control boards provided with them. Thusly, I want to completely bypass ALL of the TM HOTAS Mux/DeMux boards with direct connections from the BSSs to a LEO Bodnar Board ... cts_id=180

To my knowledge, this has never been done before. For reference, Bodnar Board has.

8 analog inputs with 12-bit (4096 steps) resolution each
32 button / 16 rotary encoder inputs
8-way "point-of-view" hat switch input
Hall Effect Sensors

Or...should/can I;

Use the board/chip combo as seen in your video?.

1. What data sheet should I use to connect your MLX90393 to the Leo Bodner BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board? As you can see, the BU0836X is very versatile providing the following Inputs.

2. Did y’all use an Arduino Nano/PIC/Feather/Raspberry Pi to interface with the 90393 and output a USB/HID signal? What AdaFruit parts and instructions will I need?

...otherwise I would need use Two simple single axis HE sensors; one for X and one for Y ...that arrangement would for sure substitute for two potentiometers...and provide Roll& Pitch detection, to the Bodnar Board’s USB/HID output. That seems to be doable but optimally, I’d like the simultaneous X,Y data output the 90333/90393 offers on one chip.

Thank you in advance for your speedy reply.

Chas Honce

Sending vibes of protection and healing to you and yours!

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.