Schools for electronics enthusiasts
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Schools for electronics enthusiasts

by Darcy Neal on Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:06 pm

I'm a self taught electronics/microcontroller enthusiast. I've been looking into degree plans that would further reinforce this, and potentially gear me for teaching others/further promoting my knowledge base. Do you have any recommendations for different schools and their degree plans? All the degrees i've found fall under the category of Studio Arts, which is very close to what i'm looking for, but i'd like for it to be more technical vs. artistic. It can't be outrageously expensive, (no 30K tuition). I've researched and found a few that I might be interested in, and wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on here.

A few i've found with relatively low tuition:
University of North Texas: New Media
University of New Mexico in Albequerque: Electronic Arts
Emily Carr University in Vancouver: Interactive Design and Social Media ~ my favorite so far

Let me know if you've found any that you like.
Darcy Neal
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Re: Schools for electronics enthusiasts

by akemp on Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:05 am


I was in the same boat as you when I was searching for schools, and was luck enough to have a helpful advisor my freshman year who suggested a degree in Techology Education. The degree focused on providing a good mix of physics, math, and hands on technical work so that you can inspire K-12 students to be future engineers.

As example, some of my Tech Ed courses included:
Engines and Powertrains
Multiple electronics courses
Computer control
Manufacturing processes

I now have a job at a high school where i can use my oun creativity to create coursework for my students using fun things like laser cutters, cnc machinery, two makerbots, robotics etc. etc.

One of the only drawbacks with TechEd is finding a university that offers it. Off the top of my head, I think Old Dominion University in VA, Texas A&M, one in PA and another in NJ....certianly there are more :-)

Best of luck!

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Re: Schools for electronics enthusiasts

by easternstargeek on Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:29 pm

Excellent suggestion from akemp.

Such course programs are also called, "Industrial Technology" or if you are lucky enough to have a really progressive school nearby, "Mechatronics." You should be able to enroll at nearly any 2-year community college. As space permits, many schools will let you take individual classes without having to matriculate into a degree or certificate program, but you have to ask- every one is different.

If you have a choice, try to find a CC that is proximate to an industrialized area. The resulting greater demand means better programs with more seats.

Many courses are offered at night, so that employed trades-folk can hone their skills. You won't learn as much about engineering as you would at a 4-year engineering school, but you will learn a lot about the nuts and bolts of building things. Both perspectives are very important, and all working engineers have to learn them at some point in their careers. Usually, it's on the job.

If you tell me where you live (state and county will do) I may be able to help you find one. My company sells millions of dollars of lab equipment to 2 and 4 year schools, so I have a few connections!

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